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Jun 16 2007
[ mood | happy ]




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Pier 1 [
Apr 22 2007
[ mood | content enough :p ]

after 9 hours of working in Pier 1 on a great beautiful sunny day with customers that chew your head off for something that isn't even your fault... Its kind of hard not to yell at someone for messing up the pillows on the back wall after you arranged them all day.

I actually really like my job though. It's fun, and the people are really nice (aside from a few customers)

I technically have like 4 bosses. There's:

Barbara- Manager, she's friendly, kind of intimidating and strict, but she is the manager, so...ya know. She once asked me if she scared me. haha. i told her a little and she laughed

Jon- 2nd Manager. I like him a lot. Im guessing late 20's or early 30's. He's pretty funny and likes to talk to me and get me to smile and whatnot. He's accuses me of not smiling and thinks that im very quiet and whatnot, lol (what a lie, huh?) I've closed with him twice and thats when the people aren't really there anymore so he likes to pick on me and tell me that i broke things ( like the cash register) He was the one that actually also taught me how to use the cash register which I've gotten pretty good at now :) ITS SO MUCH FUN. I think that's my favorite part of the job, lol, that and helping and talking to the customers and having them come up to you and ask you questions. Its just this cool feeling :)

Suzanne- Assistant Manager? shes i think starting to warm up to me. shes much stricter than the others, I think shes just worried that il burn the place down or something cuz im 17. Shes nice though. I think shes just kinda a little uptight. Oh well

Gina- Assistant Manager. She's very nice. She's pretty young and pregnant, about to get married in October (what a cool month, huh? :p ) She helps me a lot and is just really nice in general.

Karen- Sales Associate. probably one of my favorites. She's this hysterical older (50's?) woman whos just really sweet and small and cute and sooo beyond friendly. She helps me like crazy and loves to talk about be nice and I just like her so much :)

Lisa- Sales Associte- Shes also very funny. I think shes probably one of the funniest cuz shes really feisty and she likes to "pick on me" a lot cuz im the "new kid". shes really funny and likes to try to make me smile as well. Unfortunately I don't think that I work with her very often :(

Steve- He's kind of the guy who does nothing and no one likes him all that much cuz hes always just following people around or sitting down or on his phone or asking when lunch is, lol. I dunno, hes alright I guess. I think he's still in college. He's pretty nice to me though.

God. I feel like time is just kinda slowing down every second. We are SO close to being DONE with school and everything but its just taking so long! aaarrg.
On the plus side: in one week, when we return from va beach. Chris will be home :) like... home home. for the summer. because hes out...of school... :)
For some reason, Im not quite sure if its hit me yet. It's been 9 months of dating him and frankly its been so incredibly amazing, I just don't know what to do with myself :) I could go on and on about him and how much I love him and how, even after 9 months I still giggle and get chills when i talk about him or see him.
But man its been difficult. hah. which I guess is an understatement. For some reason its hard for me to believe that hes coming home for good. Its strange. Maybe when it gets closer to this Sunday Itll hit me and Ill start acting all goofy and giddy like I always do when I know hes coming home :) :p
gah. I love him so much. so so much.

anyways. I have more homework than ever. I was planning on doing it today but then i found out yesterday that i had work 11-7:30 today and then i had to stay an extra 45 minutes. poo. you know...I would typically be a little more concerned about this... but unfortunately... I am a senior, and I do not care :)

Im going to go eat food.

I love you Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(that kind of looks like a carrot but its supposed to be a heart... :) mwah!)

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Apr 3 2007

Rules: Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write an entry of their own with 10 weird habits/things/little known facts, as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks.

1. I love being outgoing and funny, but most of the time people don't like it or are embarrassed by me
2. I love that people are embarrased by me
3. I fucking love being latina, it makes me so much better than you and you know it
4. I'm not really that conceited, however I am incredibly sarcastic, as most of you know
5. I've realized this past year I don't do well when Im alone
6. I've also realized this past year that I have taken procrastination and being a sucky student to a whole new level
7. I miss California and can't wait to go see my family this summer
8. My brother is awesome
9. And so is your mom
10. I love Chris more than anything and plan on being with him forever, except, Im serious.

I tag anyone you is as bored as I was (am) when I did this

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FJdamsdabadkfsdkjhs crew [
Apr 2 2007
my hands are much better now that I didn't put bandaids on them. They seem to be healing however they still kind of hurt. Im starting to think that either A. Everybody on the crew team is masochistic or B. Everybody on the team is crazy. Probably a little bit of both.

Im so tired right now Im not sure what to do with myself, Im so sick of school and the deadly senioritis has hit me pretty badly...Im pretty sure that if I were to write a list of what exactly I still have to do for school everyone that reads this will faint...or laugh.
Today in english class we went of the multiple choice test that we took and this one question asked what a group of girls was. (I think youll get what I mean) Was it either a. an abundance b. plethora c. pack d. group or e. i forget what the last one was. And so I put abundance, but that was wrong because it was actually a group. Now...I don't know about whoever else is in the class but even ms. burke said that was a pretty crappy question because the answers ALL MEAN THE SAME THING. I'd like to meet one of those AP test writers and kick them in the balls.

fuh. what a mood, what a mood Im in.

I wish that it was summer so that my heart could stop skipping every other beat because of the several different reasons it is. 

On the plus side, yesterday (and this pas weekend for that matter) was great. I really am a much happier person, but this year has kind of just been crap for me, what a disappointment.
Chris came home thursday (our 8 month anniversary!!!) and we spent virtually the whole time together. i miss him and love him very much. so i think thats kind of making me do/think crazy things : /
the whole gang and i went to the mall and out to lunch and hung out and did a whole bunch of things together, it was SO much fun. i realized that im my happiest when im with that group of friends. they make me so happy and i feel so care free when im with them.

anyways, I have much works to do, so I will stop paining all of you with my rambling. :p

Well, to wrap it all up, I Iove Chris very much :)
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Feb 27 2007
[ mood | happy ]




That is all...

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boredom [
Feb 6 2007
[ mood | cold ]

I have works to do.

many of them.

but Im too lazy to do them now.

I talked to my brother today, which was nice, now that hes back in college I don't ever talk to him anymore, which sucks beyond belief. I Kind of felt like he was the only one keeping me sane. As crazy as he was, he's one of my best friends and I love him and miss him. He was the one that always helped me with my dumb folks when they got in the way and made me mad and the one that always made me laugh. When Chris first left, I remember he was always keep me smiling to keep me from doing...nothing..? lol. I specifically remember this one time when I came home from school and I had to feed the cat so I went into my laundry room to get the food (don't ask) and I just kinda...died, lol, I like, fell on the floor and my brother came in and looked at me and just started laughing. He helped me up and told me that sometimes he likes to lay on the laundry room floor as well...haha. man do I miss him.

oh well I guess, it was actually much easier saying goodbye to him than what I thought it would be.

anyways, although I feel much more content with life now, which is much nicer, all of my energy is slowly deteriorating, so now im incredibly tired all the time. I went to bed (technically) at around 9:45 last nigth and yet when I woke up I felt like I was dead. Im convinced that not matter how freaking early you go to bed, or however much sleep you get, if you have to get up at 6,  you are going to be tired and feel totally and utterly NOT rested!

Today in school they announced to the senior class that they weren't going to do superlatives cuz this one kids parents were offended by the superlative given to their kid. So they are not threatening to sue the district and now we have no superlatives for the year book and never will again.


now im not one that typically cares about these things, because honestly, superlatives are fun but I just simple don't really care.
I think its a bit dramatic to threaten to sue the district because of this. The students signed two sheets saying it was ok! and if the kid doesn't have a problem with this, then I think its up to the kid! Also, how offensive can superlative seriously be? lol, the most offensive one that I can think of Is maybe...most flirtatious, or loudest or clumsiest, or worst driver, etc. whatever, lol, I mean, its not like we have one that says "most likely to fall down the stairs cuz theyre a dipshit" lol

anyways...oh dear...its come to this.
Ive spent so much time in lyme, Im actually ranting on livejournal about superlatives.

oh well...according to kt, only 122 days until graduation. not that bad I guess.

yeah...im done... :p

i promise, one of these days ill write an entry where im a little more optimistic :)

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Jan 31 2007
[ mood | out of it ]

So, Im in Study hall right now and there are so many different things that I could/should be doing right now, but Im not... haha, surprise surprise!
Man, I am so tired, blah... I wanna get out of here so badly, its not even funny anymore.
I would complain and whatnot, but, whats the use?

Last night was beyond interesting though. It was so messed up, I just wanted to scream and kick something. I can't stand some people and what they do to other people. God, last night was so stupid.
In the end though, in turned out alright. Not with whats happening right now, but, it ended fine, as it always does.
None of this is really making sense, but Im trying to explain this without using names, lol

I can't wait for summer, its going to be awesome. To the point where Im not even going to know what to do with myself.  ahhhhhh

Yeah, I guess Im just tired right now, or something. Drained, in a lot of ways.

I wish that I was with Chris. Thats the only time when Im truely happy. I miss him so much already and its only been two god damn days, lol. ahhhhh
Ive gotten so much better with this. Im not as sad anymore and Im happier now, I really really am. It still just sucks so much though.  
I think the fact that I don't get anymore sleep anymore (which is totally and completely my fault) kind of makes this worse.
stupid vicious cycles.

oh well. All I know is that Im gonna work through the rest of this year and then be happy. All I know is that I love Chris more than anyone or anything in the whole entire world and nothing or anyone will ever change that. EVER. Im am going to be with Chris until the end of time because he means literally everything to me and I would do anything for him.
I love Chris so much.

yeah. that about sums is up in a nut shell.

() <--- nut shell...more or less

I dunno, maybe I should just stop complaining, right? 

haha, but when is that ever going to happen?

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6 Month Anniversary :D [
Jan 29 2007
[ mood | cheerful ]

Happy Half A Year Anniversary Chris!!!

I Love You SO Incredibly Christopher Lehrman! These past 6 months have been the best of my life! You've shown me a love I thought I could never have and I want to thank you for everything you have done for me! This post is soley for you because I love you, and although its hard, we're doing the impossible and I have never loved you more than I do now! I can't wait to see you again Chris! And I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you :)

I Love You, Chris
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Jan 11 2007

I feel like for some reason Im "not allowed" to be sad or aggravated. Like, I need to "stop being sad and just start being happy".

Why is this taking so long?

Im so sick of it.

Im not quite sure if It's just come to the point where Im being pessimistic all the time and thats why things aren't getting better, or I actually have the right to feel the way I do.

Im not quite sure how I even feel anymore. Im too buried in these emotions to decipher them.

I hate livejournal. No matter what you say, people are going to judge you.

This was pointless, that's why I don't write in here.
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Dec 21 2006
[ mood | cheerful ]


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Dec 8 2006
[ mood | other ]




sorry, I just had to get that out :)

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Nov 23 2006
[ mood | ecstatic ]



:D :D :D

Cristina= Extremely Happy!!

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Nov 16 2006
[ mood | amused ]

I am in such a good mood! Ahh! I haven't really posted in a while (kind of) but yeah, I figured Id update :)
Today first period we went outside to play flag football (you know, the usual class) but it starts raining! And I mean, it didn't just drizzle...it poured!! drenched, soaked, wet, whatever adjective you wanna use, only a few kids in my class stayed out and we were just soaked to the bone! It was SO much fun! haha, it was so intense though, my team (the best team ever known to man) was kt, clare, julia, melissa and chris crabbe and the other team was a team that actually cared about the game...lol, yeah, we had a good time with that! We kinda sucked... a lot, but it was still the most amazing game ever! we totally had really good plays and really good ideas but they all just died after about the first 3 seconds cuz the other team was just like...monsters, about 8 feet tall, all of them. It felt so good just running in the rain, laughing for what seemed like forever, not caring about anything and just having a great time, I caught the ball at one point and needles to say...the ground was wet...I went down...hahaha, i had mud literally all over me! I am currently caked in dry mud all up and down my left leg, haha. In the end though we just decided to literally wing every single play. haha, we were all like, ok, what were planning is good but we all need to be a little more coordinated to do them, and seeing as how thats not going to happen anytime soon we were just like, hey! lets hike the ball and see what qb does! haha, we actually got pretty far from just winging it :p
Gah! But moving on!! I had a really good night last night :) got to talk to Chris for like 2 hours on the phone about quite literally everything in the world! It was awesome!! I haven't talked to him in quite some time (actually I talk to him everyday of course) but last night was just...different...it was so nice, it was bliss. God I miss him so much, its really hard to deal with but im getting by and I get to see him on saturday for a little while and hes coming back to ol on tuesday till sunday :) so thats kind of really extremely totally awesome
But speaking of Saturday, Im going to Simmons for an open house (a kind of late open house)!!!!!!!!!! Im SO excited!!! I really wanna see what the campus is like and what the tour and open house in general is going to be :) mmmm, yeah, happy-ness

anyways, to sum it all up,  I am in a good mood :)
And Im excited to see Chris beyond any reason, I am so in love with that boy I just can't handle it. I have never ever been this happy and lucky in my life and I can't see myself with any other person in the world. God, this is just so unbelievable. It's so amazing. I love you so incredibly much Chris and I know that that will never ever change. You are my love, my life, my everything and I am so so so lucky to be with you. You are truely perfect :)

yeah, anyways, I am done :)

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Nov 12 2006
[ mood | blank ]

O-M-F-G ...

The Movie Accepted Comes Out On Tuesday!!!!!!!

Holy Crap, Best Movie EVER?!

I Think Yes!

Hey Kt, have you seen it yet?

lol :p
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Alright, brace yourselves...this one's a doozy [
Nov 4 2006
I Hate The Concept Of College.
I Hate The Concept Of Not Getting Into College.
Youre Not Welcome.
Not Good Enough.
Not Smart Enough.
Not Anything Enough.

And the thing that I HATE the MOST is the SAT's.
The Infamous, dreaded, horrid Suck Ass Test.

I hate how I spent all of my saturdays and sundays going to see Darryl help me and yet I feel like I still did horribly on that dumb thing.

Math is my worst subject ever. I know that, you guys know that... I suck at it.
Well you all know that the questions get increasingly harder as you go right? theres 18-20 questions so about the first 6 are easy, then the next 6 are medium then the next 6 are hard, right? And if im not mistaken 3 X 6 is 18, correct?
Well what I studied with Darryl I could get the easy's, medium's, whatever, but when I took the SAT's in October the easy's were like the medium's, the medium's were like the hard's and the hard's were like the holy fuck, I don't even know what that symbol means.

Im so aggravated knowing that so many kids are rejected from places because they're not good at something that isn't even going to be what they want to study! Yes, I of course know that that isn't the only reason that they didn't get accepted but for the time being Im going to pretend that that is the only reason so bare with me here.

I mean come on! Im going into History/Anthropology, etc., you know, that field! I don't give a fuck how many ways Sally travels to the doctors, then back home, then to Kelly's while you have to taken into account how fast she was going, what the weather was like, what she had for dinner last night, whatever!

I hate how the brightest kids in the world (and im not talking about me here, Im talking in general) who could do so much could potentially be rejected or something, I hate how kids who aren't good at taking tests, who suck at the writing portion, the math portion, the reading portion, whichever one it may be is brought down because we all have to be a certain amount of smart to be able to go to college and live in this world efficiently, because  we of course have to know how Sally and Kelly are doing, but maybe if youre lucky you can just sleep with them and get a 2400 on your SAT's.

And to top it off I am so sick of our grade. I hate how competitive we are! How much college determines everything! Yes it does determine a lot but its getting into peoples skin, getting into their brains, controlling everything they think!


I've said it once, I won't say it again.

Ok, maybe I will just in case you decided not to acknowledge it the first time:


stop complaining about your 90 GPA, your 3.9 thats not a 4.0!


see, I hate writing in livejournal because people find a way to call you a hypocrite, they say you complain too much, rant too much, but whatever...

If you disagree with what I have to say about how I portray the SAT's then go fuck yourself and become an SAT grader...


and im done.
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Oct 31 2006
[ mood | happy ]

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

This weekend rocked!!!
I had such an amazing time!
Probably one of the best ever!!

I love you so much Chris and you made this
weekend and my life in general

I love you!
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Oct 25 2006
[ mood | aggravated ]




tomorrow needs to come now.

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Oct 11 2006

So yeah, update time :)

Im in Global Studies and so far today has been alright : ) I've gotten many a happy birthday, {a card and a little mini balloon from clare} :p hugs, it's been nice. Tonight is what Im really looking forward to though! Ima go to dock and dine with my family which is so nice. I love them and I can't wait to spend time with them. Sometimes when nothing seems to be going right with anyone/anything, its nice to just spend time with my mom and dad and brother! It's weird, for the past few months that have gone by (like, the past 3 or so) my brother has been really nice. I mean, don't get me wrong he's probably one of my best friends, my hero, he means everything to me but i mean...hes my brother...therefore he can be a douche bag (as some of you know, lol) but hes just been nice. And there all just small tiny things. Like last night i said, so...whatd you get me for my birthday? and he said im not gonna tell you! Well this all may seem normal but before he would have said something along the lines of nothing, shut up! And he really wouldn't have gotten me anything except for writing his name on a card and saying the present from mom and dad are from him too, lol. But this time he actually said somethng that signified that he got me something... Its just so weird, theyre all small things, but theyre so nice! 
haha, so anyways!

Im 17 now! I can see rated R movies!!! .... legally!...
aww poo, lol.

The best thing though is that on Sunday Im going to see Chris. That wll be like heaven, he's has done so much for me and then some and honestly I am just so incredibly in love! And it's been great! Whats funny is that I've had a lot of people ask me, so, do you think youre going to be with him for a long time? How are you two? Whats he like? etc. And I can honestly say that I know for a solid fact that I am going to be with Chris forever. People may ask how I know that, becuase im only......17(!!!) ..... but i just know it! This is none of that highschool love that will end. This is the full on, serious, amazing, going to be with you forever love. And hopefully people can respect that and just be happy for me : )
So i guess the point of that story is, I love Christopher Lehrman. I really really do!

Last night was nice : ) I went to the oriental with some friends and we just had a good time hangin out. They brought me ice cream wrapped in fried dough (i hear that this is coincidentally called fried ice cream? lol) which was fun. They sang to me which was nice! Earlier this past weekend I went to the rainforest cafe with my mom and kt and they brought me a Volcanoe (!!!!!!!!!!!!) and they all sang to me, lol.

Earlier in class today (global studies) Dr. P got on his knees and sang happy birthday to me, then yodaled for me! It was so cool! Then after that I talked to him alone in the classroom for a while about college and asked if he would do me the honor of writing me a teacher reccomendation (yes, i actually said that) and he said he would be honored! yay! We talked for a while about anthropology and history and where i want to go and my grades and stuff which was pretty cool, getting a diff. perspective. It was kind of embarrassing telling him i wanted to study anthropology and history, i hesitated when he asked me what i wanted to study, lol, which must have been interesting. I wonder why i was embarrassed...can anyone answer that? haha, i truely do want to know. Maybe it's because it was becuase of him that I wanted to study that and its weird admitting that? but then why would it be weird? ... why am i so interested in why i was embarrassed?.. lol, anyways.

yeah, so Im just about done, I could go on and on and on and on about everything thats on my mind but that would just takes days, hundreds of pages, different categories, wow, yeah. One day Im just going to put down everything that Im doing and write about anything and everything for the rest of my life and it will be amazing. (and in this dream ill get paid for it)
::sigh:: what id give for some extra time...and to get into college...


Thanks to everyone who said happy birthday, hugged me, got me something, anything. Even remembering it i appreciate. Just knowing that you guys actually care is enough.

So yeah. 

Thanks to everyone : )

P.S. I can't wiat to see you chris! :) I love you!

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Oct 10 2006
[ mood | creative ]

I love annie. She is my lover. No joke. Your all jealous, especially ricky whose right next to me. 


P.S. this is annie!

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Oct 6 2006
[ mood | fucking aggravated as fuck! ]



MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahhh jesus mothergoddamnfuckinghellshitfuckballs!!!!


PLEASE get me out of here!!!!!!!

I ---gahh!!!!----uuughhhh

jesus christ today blowed!!!!!

Please just kill me now and i promise i won't come back to haunt you!

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